A  Pork Barbecue Feast
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A  Pork Barbecue Feast

Growing up, my grandparents enjoyed preparing pork barbecue a few times every year at their home. Whenever they barbecued, they would invite several friends and other family members over. To serve with the pork meat, my grandmother always prepared several mouthwatering side dishes such as potato salad and baked beans. Because they slow cooked the meat for hours, they were always extremely tired when the fun festivities were complete. Nowadays, my family skips the hassle of cooking pork barbecue themselves. Instead, they enjoy this delicious entree at a favorite local restaurant. On this blog, you will discover the best side dishes to order with a pork barbecue meal at a restaurant. Enjoy!


A Pork Barbecue Feast

Plan A Cuban Celebration To Bring In The New Year

Roland Adams

Are you already planning your holiday events? If you are still in the planning stages of your New Year's Eve event, consider having a dinner party at a Cuban restaurant in your town or city. Maybe you have eaten Cuban food in the past, so you already know that it is delicious. If you haven't had that experience, prepare to enjoy a new taste sensation along with those who join you to bring in the New Year. 

​Send Out Clever Invitations - If you do decide to spend New Year's Eve at a Cuban restaurant, set the mood by sending out invitations. There's just something special about getting an actual paper invitation in the mail, isn't there? Plus, by sending invitations early, you can be sure that those who will be joining you won't make other New Year's Eve plans.

Think of making the invitations yourself. For example, find a picture of the Cuban entertainer Ricky Ricardo with his hilarious wife Lucy, and have that picture as the front of the invitation. The caption might say something like, Let's Have Fun Cuban-Style! Another idea is to have a picture of Cuban dancers on the front of your invitation. The caption for that invitation might say something like, Dine And Dance The Cuban Way! 

If you are planning to pay for the entire meal, those on your list are indeed lucky. If that's not the case, you might indicate something tasteful like, You'll be happy to know that prices at the Cuban restaurant are very affordable. Don't forget to put RSVP contact information on the invitation. That way you'll have at least a close number when you call the restaurant to make reservations. If the restaurant has a party room, that's even better.

The Cuban Restaurant - Once at the restaurant, you and those who join you will have plenty of choices when it comes to Cuban foods. If you have already eaten that type of cuisine, you probably know that it is a blend of Spanish, African and Caribbean seasonings. You'll get to choose foods like tamales, vaca frita, camarones en salsa de coco, arroz con pollo, and vegetables seasoned the Cuban way. Your waiter will be happy to make recommendations. Don't forget Cuban flan for dessert. 

Think of finding a Cuban restaurant where you can dance, too. You'll hear songs like Guajara Guantanamera and El Bodeguero. If you dance, you'll dance to songs like Nosotros and the more modern Suavecito. 

At midnight, when you wish each other New Year's wishes, remember to say, ​Feliz Año Nuevo!