A  Pork Barbecue Feast
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A  Pork Barbecue Feast

Growing up, my grandparents enjoyed preparing pork barbecue a few times every year at their home. Whenever they barbecued, they would invite several friends and other family members over. To serve with the pork meat, my grandmother always prepared several mouthwatering side dishes such as potato salad and baked beans. Because they slow cooked the meat for hours, they were always extremely tired when the fun festivities were complete. Nowadays, my family skips the hassle of cooking pork barbecue themselves. Instead, they enjoy this delicious entree at a favorite local restaurant. On this blog, you will discover the best side dishes to order with a pork barbecue meal at a restaurant. Enjoy!


A Pork Barbecue Feast

Making The Best Of Your Pizza Delivery

Roland Adams

Having pizza delivered from a local pizza restaurant is an excellent choice on the weekend. You don't have to cook; you can just relax and let the food come to the door! For the ultimate pizza delivery experience, though, you will want to follow these tips.

Pick a restaurant that is nearby.

The closer the pizza restaurant is to your home, the warmer the pizza will be when it arrives. Plus, you won't have to wait as long! Many restaurants deliver within about a 20-minute radius of their location, but if you have a choice between a place that is 20 minutes away and a place that is 5 minutes away, the closer one is often the better choice.

Order more than you think you need.

Unlike when you're dining at a restaurant, you can't simply ask the waiter for another pie if you get through with the first one and realize you're still hungry. With delivery, over-ordering is the way to go. You don't want anyone to be un-satisfied, and of course, leftovers are always good.

Give your exact address, with details.

When you call to order, make sure you give the pizza restaurant your full address. For example, if you live in an apartment, give the apartment number and not just the street number. Descriptive details are good, too. For example, you can say "it's the yellow house on the corner" or "it's the second brick house after the intersection." This keeps your driver from wasting time going past the house.

Order your crust extra baked.

If you like crisp crust, definitely order your crust extra baked. This is important with delivery pizza since the crust tends to soften as it sits in the closed box on the way to your house. If the crust starts off a little extra crisp, it will still be suitably crispy by the time it reaches you.

Remember to tip the driver.

You will typically be charged a delivery fee when you order pizza, but remember, this does not go directly to the driver. If the driver arrives on time and gets you your pizza in good condition, then it's considered good etiquette to tip them. A couple of dollars is suitable unless you placed a really large order. Then, you should throw in an extra $5 to $10 for their effort.

With the tips above, you can have an excellent experience with your delivered pizza. To learn more about the pizza options in your area, contact pizza restaurants, such as Original Italian Pizza Pa, near you.